BoxBots is our annual event for yr5-6 students. No programming, soldering, or special equipment is needed. Order a preassembled kitset and add your own box! Of course, students can make it as simple or as elaborate as they choose. Enter up to two teams per school, each with their own kitset.

The 2021 event is now confirmed for Wednesday 29th September at 3:50pm at the Waikato University's Performing Artcs Centre.

Register for $39 in the Store and get a free pizza dinner for your team. Buy a kitset and get free registration!

Plain cardboard boxes will never be enough! Teams dress up their boxbot like Bob the Burger from Gordonton School. Some teams even dress themselves up! Throughout the event, student teams complete a series of challenges including an introductory speech, sumo, navigating a maze, and rob-the-nest. Previous years have also seen robots drawing with markers, completing maths challenges, and playing noughts and crosses.

2019 saw a demonstration battle from the Fairfield Intermediate School combat robotics students in their newly finished arena.

Boxbots was born following an exciting day of combat and a childish 2017 whim - a big shout out to AURA! Boxbots is now sponsored by Jaycar Electronics and has a fabled following from schools and students across Hamilton. 2019 saw 14 teams from 7 different schools compete, with Tahuna School, a first time entrant, taking out the shield.

Kitsets are limited this year due to the COVID-19 issues. Please reuse previous kitsets if you have them and just pay the $35 team registration fee. New schools are of course welcome if kitsets available. These are $180 each and include registration and a pizza dinner.

Do you have unused kits from a previous year?

Please be in touch if you are happy for another school to borrow them this year. After the event, we will do a full checkup to ensure they are working properly when they are returned to you.

Word to the wise...

Keep it small and light! Real estate signs are perfect as they are light and strong. When you arrive, your boxbot will weigh-in to check it is less than 600 grams and 30cm. Our boxbot technician will be available on the night to help with any issues. And finally: practice! The best thing you can do is lay out some obstacles and practice driving around them. Time each other!

An evening program will be emailed to your teacher when they register your team. Have a look at last year's for now.

A big thank you to Jaycar Electronics, Tronbots, Fairfield Intermediate School, and the many individuals that give their time to make Boxbots a success. The prizes, input, and positive approach really make BoxBots something special.

New to Boxbots? Be inspired with this footage from Bristol Bot Builders

They've got some clever builds with fun materials. This is what it's all about.