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You've found Tronbots' annual school's event!

Kits come preassembled with no tricky programming or soldering.

Just add your own box. Make it as simple or as elaborate as you like.

Enter up to two teams. Let the fun begin!

Plain cardboard boxes will never be enough! Teams dress up their boxbot and sometimes even dress up themselves! Throughout the event, teams complete a series of challenges including an introductory speech, sumo, navigating a maze, and rob-the-nest. Previous years have also seen robots drawing with markers, completing maths challenges, and playing noughts and crosses.


The kids are having a ball with these Boxbots kits!


Todd - Teacher


When is it?

Boxbots happens in week 9 of term 3. The 2021 event was held at The Gallagher Performing Arts Centre, courtesy of the Waikato University School of Engineering.  

Register your team for $39 in the BotShop, or buy a $199 kit and get free registration and pizza dinner!

How does it work?

Schools bring up to two teams, who then enjoy a series of events including rob-the-nest, sumo, relays and more. The evening includes a dinner break in the middle.

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Who is Boxbots for?

Boxbots is for teams of year 5-6 students who then make their build as simple or complicated as they like. Teacher input will help students to consider the effects of weight, balance, friction etc.