Build and battle at Hamilton's combat robotics club

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Tronbots turns everyone into a maker. Start with a simple foam and card model then develop your concept into a combat ready battle bot. Ideal for ages 10 and up. You're welcome to bring a partner too - this always makes the process more enjoyable. Finally, the Tronbots arena lies in wait for those brave enough to enter the tournament. Register now to enjoy your place in Hamilton's own combat robotics club.

Thanks to the School of Engineering, EdVenture, and Jaycar for their generous and ongoing support

Cardboard is a quick and easy way to get started. Just clip the parts on and make it work!

Having created a functional cardboard model, students critique and refine their idea.

Having refined their model, students are guided to carefully mark out their design from aluminium.

Once working models are complete, students are invited to trial their idea in the mini arena.

Creating your robot body from aluminium is the reward for spending time modelling and refining.

Having formed their aluminium shell, students work to finally fit their parts together.

The highlight for everyone is the final tournament in the battle arena. Watch out for that pit!

A proud moment when students graduate and look forward to the next level! Big effort and well done!

Having learnt the basics, students can register to build bigger and better bots.

Regular tournaments are spectator friendly and are fun to attend. Register for Tronbots now!