Kia ora! Hamilton now has it's very own combat robotics club! Turn up, imagine, build, and battle. Your exclusive set of parts is waiting for you. Enjoy working with new materials and equipment in our popup makerspace. Available in two locations weekly for all those keen Waikato makers. The grand finale is the TronBots tournament where makers face off in the mobile arena for the privilege of raising the TronBots trophy!

Tronbots is designed for methodical and creative students from intermediate age up. Sessions are limited to 8 individuals/pairs, so you'll have ready access to the tutor.

Registrations are now open for the October intake.

Antweights are a great entry into combat robotics. Their compact form strikes a great balance between accessibility and challenging engineering. Topping out at 454 grams and 150mm, begin modelling with card and foam, then build with aluminium and polycarbonate. Flipping or grabbing mechanisms are introduced once the basic wedge is mastered. For those who have truly found their calling, 3lb beetleweights await. These are fast and can do some serious damage.

Shannan has helped turn the mysteries and complexities of robotics into something that is tangible, achievable and most importantly, fun.

Claire - teacher

...his genuine love for teaching and technology has made building robots with him the highlight of our week.

Emily & Eva - yr11 students

Shannan is a passionate technology teacher who has taught in workshops for over 15 years. His background in tinkering and engineering led him more recently to explore combat robotics. Alongside three keen students, he established Boxbots in 2017. This has now grown to become an annual event for primary students. His latest dream is TronBots, something he has been thinking about for too long!

To find out more about Tronbots or Boxbots,

email, or

phone 021 0260 1879